VirtuaDolls: A Mature VR Game Controller

fantasy-639115_640In the event you’d like to boost your expertise even further, it is possible to add a gamepad-style control. You’ve got among our mounts or the choice among our gamepads. All these aren’t needed but undoubtedly do improve the experience. Please make sure that the control you’ve got is compatible with Windows if utilizing an Xbox controller.

How safe is this matter?

It’s not exceptionally dangerous. There are fail-safes in both the program as well as the hardware to avoid injuries or any mishaps. VR Porn Studios like Czech VR will be supported. There are not any components that are sharp as well as the motors used indoors are physically weak enough to cause any harm.

We use motors that are silent, so that it is not fairly noisy.

USB? Bluetooth?

Our prototype works on the micro-USB cable. If we get enough funds, we plan on including a battery to let it be wireless and switching to your bluetooth.

How large can it be?

The maximum measurements are: 5″x5″x13.5″. You can easily conceal it in the cupboard.

That hole seems quite little.

Yes, you will fit just fine.

What occurred to the suction apparatus?

We needed to alter the plan as well as the brand new layout does not adapt the suction apparatus.

When have you been shipping?

Our prototype is able to go, so there is not going to be enormous delays commonly seen in crowdsourcing campaigns. We plan on sending out the first units .

Can the Minotaur hammer?


In the event you are a programmer of program that is mature, maker of VR pornography, or avid gamer that prefers to make your own personal dreams, we’re developing a free SDK to let you readily integrate VirtuaDolls into your job. Here are several of the options that come with our SDK:

We so are able to go to the generation phase and now have working prototypes. Our CAD files for injection molding are concluded and we’re willing to work in the usa here with the injection molding facility. It’s more expensive to make the plastic pieces here, but we are in a position to get the components in our hands considerably quicker, and in encouraging companies right within america, we have confidence. We use an off the shelf microcontroller coupled using a custom PCB for the electronic equipment so this should present little difficulty, and we are going to be working using a PCB manufacturer for mass production.

Our team just has 3 people right now. Just one of which is focusing on the application. We must engage a game developer to simply help place the finishing touches of Arcadia on the SDK and Girls. With this particular help, our team leader, who is developing software for over 6 years, is assured the game could be finished inside the timeline.

Several design challenges may be faced by us when we enter the production stage. This could change layout and the appearance of a number of the attributes. We continue to enhance the plan, so that which you receive may seem somewhat different. Rest assured that the VirtuaDolls control will do everything!