The erotic 360-degree art film „Viens!“ is an overwhelming experience

Virtual Reality is the most sensual of all media. This is proven by a brilliant 360-degree art film that turns VR users into the focal point of a tantric love play. No celebrity movie stars but still a piece of art!

Viens! is now available in the 360 video app „Vroom XR“. A day pass for all app content costs 2.90 US dollars. In addition to Viens!, the two art films Proxima and Incitement are also included. The Vroom app is available for Oculus Rift, Go, Gear VR, at Viveport, in the Apple App Store and in the Play Store for Android. The film was also featured in our podcast episode #88 ab Minute 29:10.

Virtual Reality is the most sensual of all media. This is proven by a brilliant 360-degree art film by French filmmaker Michel Reilhac, which makes VR users the focus of a tantric love play.

„The title already says „Come! But where to? I find myself in a bright room, surrounded by white, fluttering cloths. A naked man suddenly appears behind it, followed by a naked woman and a few seconds later I am surrounded by naked people who touch each other tenderly and kiss each other.

The actors are not models with perfect faces and body shapes, but normal people you meet every day on the street. Among them are whites, a dark-skinned man and an Asian woman. With some you have to look twice to be sure whether it is a man or a woman. It is a movie that will attract a lot of college students and people younger than 30.

The film deliberately blurs boundaries: Gender, ethnicity, even sexual orientation doesn’t matter. Because here everyone touches and kisses each other. And in the midst of this sensual love affair, the VR user sits in amazement and soon no longer knows where his head is.

An unprecedented effect

The film does not only offer unusual content. What makes it unique is how it exploits the peculiarities of the medium. The typical panoramic view is particularly impressive in a scene in which the outer world sinks into a sea of loving bodies that twist and turn into each other.

In another scene, Reilhac uses a simple yet ingenious trick and makes the world fall apart in a way that makes even the most hardened VR user gasp for air – an unbelievable effect that plays with human perception and could not be realized in any other medium.

No pornography

The filmmaker also uses targeted eye contact to involve the viewer in the erotic action. „My hope is that eye contact will create a connection between actors and viewers. They should feel comfortable and welcome in the world they are in,“ says Reilhac in an interview.

Is Viens! a porn? The director says no: „It’s an erotic film, it’s about sex and nudity, but it’s not pornography. It’s not about arousing the VR user. Instead, the film should help him to transform the sexual energy into something higher,“ says the director. According to Reilhac, the VR experience is inspired by Indian Tantra philosophy, which teaches how sex becomes a spiritual experience.

Viens! was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and is not (yet) available on the Internet. MIXED has asked if, when and for which platforms the film will be released.