How to run in virtual reality

In order to feel VR games and VR porn intensively, you need the right hardware. The start-up Cybershoes has a solution. Moving around in virtual reality games must be fast and precise – an essential factor that many hardware providers are still lagging behind. In the fourth batch of the WeXelerate Accelerator, a start-up was particularly noticeable in this respect: Cybershoes.

Founded three years ago, the start-up has faced the common problems in VR gaming. „The role on the shoes is the most important sensor and makes it possible to walk forwards and backwards particularly quickly,“ explains Managing Director Michael Bieglmayer of futurezone. Because: „It’s simply more fun to move faster“. This will also have a huge effect on how new VR porn studios will create movies in the future.

Wide range of applications

With the Cybershoes, the company also wants to know a second fly in the clapper:Open World Games offer a large area in which players can run around freely. But the size of their own living room prevents players from taking advantage of this huge world, which soon becomes frustrating,“ says Bieglmayer.

While these games would require an expensive, heavy and bulky playpen, players with cybershoes on their feet are going through virtual reality sitting on a stable armchair with a rotating seat. You hardly notice the difference to standing.

The hardware is compatible with any PC headset. „All games that support walking on the joystick can be played,“ says Bieglmayer. The use is simple:

The Cybershoes are fixed to your own shoes with a snowboard boot binding, the direction of view and movement are separated from each other when playing. Sideways running is not possible, but the players can effortlessly move sideways.

According to Bieglmayer, the product could also find its way into medicine in the future – „Health care is very important to us“. Cybershoes were used by a patient with multiple sclerosis, among others. „In the second run she was very fast and got a feeling for the game. She could lift her leg higher than usual because she knew she wouldn’t fall.“ It could also be used in other medical areas to make an interesting tool available to patients.

On the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the Cybershoes have gained considerable popularity. After winning second place at Pioneers Ventures x CONDA Startup Challenge, the start-up is now conducting a crowd investment campaign on Conda.

In the future Basic package, which will be offered after Gamescom, a gas spring, which can be attached to almost all bar chairs for suspension, a carpet and the shoes are included for 400 euros. Since January 2019, the company has also found a chair manufacturer. The seat is included in the large package (500 euros). It can be set up in just a few minutes. Anyone who wants to test the Cybershoes themselves can do so at Gamescom in Cologne. Until then the packages are even cheaper.